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I've really been feeling the need to write lately. Probably not in here though. Thank goodness for facebook because I've been able to locate people that I used to talk to on livejournal and stay in contact. I'm still keeping this journal mainly so I can still access and post on ohnotheydidnt
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my work called me at 6 this morning to say the agency was closed yessssssssssssss. Of course we can go in if we want and some people did. It probably looks bad that i'm not going in for a few how considering i live the closest out of everyone theres nothing that just HAS to get done today! I'm on salary so there is no way i'm working when i don't have to. Her home study isn't ready and I would have to go to the office to work on it before I could do the visit anyway. So i'm enjoying my extra day off staying buried inside with kitties and pup. Watching movies and finishing up Christmas cards! Our Christmas retreat is this Wednesday so that week s gonan be short and sweet I <3 it!!!!
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Found out allll the young caseworkers are hanging out tonight and then going back to another one of the ladies houses...once again I wasn't invited. One of the ladies is super nice to everyone and always assumes I am invited (how she hasn't caught on yet i don't know) and texts me every time something is going on. I usually say oh I'm not planning on going thanks! But the past two times I was oh I wasn't invited but have fun! But now my friend who was hired at the agency was also not invited. It makes me more sad that she may be getting shunned due to being friends with me than the fact that I'm not being included. Working with all women sucks sometimes.
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I make ditsy mistakes at work on an almost daily basis. It's frustrating because I'm actually smart enough to realize what I did and be mortified by it. Sometimes I'm smart enough to correct it before anyone knows. I really should write a book.

My latest happened today. Us regular caseworkers are not allowed to contact Lansing (the bigwigs) usually. We are suppose to go through our supervisor. I had an ok to contact them regarding some missing forms I should have received. So I e-mail them and ask if I can re-send them the copies via fax, they say sure. I send them...or so I think. I repeatably send it to the Department of Human Services telephone complaint line. Like 5 times. Because I couldn't figure out why it wasn't going through. Finally I double check the number and realize my mistake so I fax it to the correct person, she gets it blah blah blah. happy ending. well I go in to check the fax and see a couple sheets on it and go through them thinking they are the print outs that happen when a mistake is made. Most of them where except one, it was from the Department of Human Services it read:



hahahahahahahahahahaahahaha. seriously. seriously.

Thankfully i double checked the fax or else it would have been a HUGE issue in my all female office where every mistake is a huge issue. especially since it concerned me contacting the state and screwing it up in the process. the fax went directly in the shredder.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)
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Had an epic Halloween/Housewarming party last night, sooo many people showed up and it was a great time, I'm looking forward to future parties! I was a devil and Nina was a squirral. My next door neighbors came by and gave me a half drank box of franiza wine. I scampered around the block in my devil costume to invite the cute neighbor that lives behind me to the party but he didn't come. Probably a drunken tomfoolery moment..oh well!

Then in the morning a bunch of us went and saw SAW 7! It's the last one and was sooooooooo good. I'm happy with the way they wrapped things up, I'll miss our tradition of watching SAW every Halloween season but it was time for it to be done!

I was super excited to pass out Halloween candy to kids for the first time from my new house and thankfully lots of little kids showed up! Tricking or treating was from 6-8 and I had to turn the porch light off about 20 minutes early, guess I shouldn't have given out such big handfuls but I wasn't sure how many kids I would get. ALso I didn't want to be left with a huge bowl of candy that I would eat.

Back to work tomorrow, hopefully my week isn't too intense, I'm headed to a training on Friday in Saginaw though so I will get to stop by and see the sorority, I might stay the night with Erica and the Bloss sisters depends on how I feel!
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I know it's probably been almost a year since I've wrote, I'm clueless as to if anyone actually reads this anymore. I think I will open it up to the public and start a new friends list and get back into blogging. I really used to like it and I've made some friends off this thing!

I'm not even going to try to update on my life since my last post. Here are the cliffs notes:

Got a job at Bethany Christian Services as a Foster Care Licensing and Placement Specialist. It was the very first job I interviewed for. I started the week after I graduated. I've wanted to work at Bethany upon learning about the agency a couple years back. I LOVE my job.

Graduated for my Masters in Social with specializing in child and family services.

Moved home...very briefly, bought a house in Madison Heights.

Got rid of Kelly's cat COW, he was sent on to my cousin Kaleo. Adopted my grandma's cat Suzy Q (named after..my mother...dear lord). Adopted a dog, Nina, she is part beagle part German Shepard.

This all happened within a month. It was insane and I almost had nervous breakdown from the stress. But I feel pretty good now :)

My friend and sorority sister Sara was hired as a foster care worker at Bethany, it's awesome working with a friend!

no men on the horizon :( Although my neighbor is super cute.

that about wraps it up!

In recent news I'm having a housewarming/Halloween party tomorrow at my house! I'm dressing up as a devil my friend Scott is gonna be an angel, i'm soooo excited because Halloween is my favorite holiday and I had a ridiculously rough week!
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Ok i need computer help. I need spyware protection because my computer has a TON on it and it's messing crap up. I've downloaded two that said they were free but it's a trick where you can have it for free but have to pay for them to remove the spyware. um, so therefore pointless. there HAS to be *real* free spyware somewhere. and actual spyware not that adaware pop-up crap. so if anyone has some they got for free and knows of some PLEASE LET ME KNOW MY COMPUTER IS IN GREAT NEED. I NEED IT ASAP.
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i just did a friends cut. people who either don't really comment and i don't have any connection with or people who haven't posted at all. please remove me from your friends lists thaaaanks!

also if i still have you added but you don't write anymore and i just haven't realized it please let me know so i can delete you too =)

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i just watched a bootlegged copy of Factory Girl and drank waaaay to much wine with my girls minus Kel. it was amazing and although i don't really feel better, i can at least see a shadow of myself.

Sienna Miller is amazing. i didn't see MK in the video though...

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I just read about everyones New Years and it sounds like everyone had a pretty good start/end of the year! Mine was not so fun!

I decided to go up north to Harrisville with my aunt, uncle and little cousin Jason from sat-mon. i was thinking it would be fun and relaxing because i normaly enjoy spending time with them. well i haven't hung out with them for extended periods of times since this summer and wow, i don't think i'll be doing it again for a long time. Jason is SO poorly behaved it's ridculous, yes, he's 2 but it's horrible. i pretty much got stuck baby-sitting and cleaning their flippin' house the entire time i was there, i cleaned sometimes just because i was so bored and had so much nervous engery! a lot of stuff they do with Jason irratated me to no end. He gets realllllllllllllly wild so Rachel just sticks him in his bed or hooks him up in his high chair and leaves him there, then he get frustrated and starts biting, pinching and hitting himself! the night we got up she left him in his chair for over an hour with nothing to do. for the rest of the weekend i would let him loose and play with him and try to keep him entertained but because he is locked up so much he is soooo out of control when he has free range. they are weird about him "making messes" with his toys so usualy he just gets put in front of the tv. during the time i was there we watched cars, ice age the meltdown, quest for camelot, over the hedge TWICE, legally blond, rocky horror picture show, serendipty...i had a headaches by the time we left from just staring at the tv! plus we missed the ball drop because Rachel was watching a movie! ARGH. no one even came out to the house for a gathering anyway it was pointless. We drank Mimosas and i had one wine cooler and then was like forget this i'm going to bed. I wanted to call Kelly but i'm sure she was at her party drunk and fantastic and I was miserable and sad. Erin and Lenny left me amazing messages saying they missed me and wished i was with them. i wish i had the money to go back to north carolina! that really just made me more depressed hearing them though.

So this week i work from 9:30-6 in the preschool room, i really like working with Sarah although sometimes i feel like i'm not very helpful because she's so efficent. i don't think this week will be that bad though. i cannot wait till the weekend when i can actualy relax for a change!
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